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The following pages contain examples of trout, salmonid and fly fishing images that comprise the product of about 10 years of "work" photographing the objects of one of my greatest passions. The photography, along with this website, is a work-in-progress.

My intent, in the images I make, is to explore and celebrate the endless beauty, variety and mystery of wild trout and salmonids in general and the waters they call home. The photographs are, by choice, as much about the environment of the trout as they are about the fish themselves.

Admittedly, my love of dry-fly fishing is reflected in the pictures, as most of my subjects are photographed in the near-the-surface zone usually favored by surface-feeding trout. I prefer to shoot in available light, which is only made possible by the shallower depths, where, in the case of many small streams, a strobe would prove extremely difficult or impossible anyway.

As a long-time dedicated fly-fisherman, I am an ardent supporter of catch-and-release fishing, especially for wild trout populations, and responsible habitat restoration and preservation. The larger fish in any population represent the dominant fish, the healthiest, most successful survivors and the most prolific spawners. Releasing them carefully to their waters, to be met again another day, and to pass on their strong genes to future generations, seems the only sensible and responsible approach to sustaining such a beautiful and awe-inspiring creature as our wild trout. If you're hungry for trout, eat a couple of smaller ones, or better yet, catch some planters!

Thanks for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy the pictures, and I welcome any comments or suggestions. Happy fishing!

Andrew Maurer, Trout Stream Designs

© - All photographs and images contained herein are fully protected by U.S Copyright. No use or reproduction is allowed without prior agreement and permission from the photographer:
Andrew Maurer
Trout Stream Designs
Sonora, CA • Ph: 209-694-0319

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