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December, 2010

"Trout Camp"

I had the pleasure of almost a week spent this past October in the high Sierra with guide, Jimmie Morales - Sierra Fly Fisher, Oakhurst, CA. I was invited there to photograph and experience Jimmie's near-legendary fall "Trout Camp", a month-long slice of veritable paradise for Jimmie's fly fishing clients! The photos tell the story far better than mere words!

July, 2010

"Yosemite" Fly Fishing

Pushing the concept of "long overdue" updates to the limit. Not that I've been asleep - just too busy fishing and photographing - for something like the past 3 years. More to come, but for now here are some scenes of fly fishing in Yosemite just a week ago with guide, Jimmie Morales, of Sierrra Fly Fishers in Oakhurst, CA and Steve Slater, manager of the Orvis shop on Sutter St. in San Francisco. A great weekend with great people, in Yosemite at it's finest!

April 24, 2007

“New Photos” Update

The “New Photos” page has been updated with new photographs from the early 2007 season.

June 5, 2006

Hunting Trout in the Southwest

It’s been almost 6 months since the last update - a discouraging new record for inactivity. And a direct reflection of the relentless hammering that winter brought to the central Sierra Nevada this year. To make a long, whining story short, my patience ran out with the prospect of waiting another 2 months for California rivers to clear and settle down. So in early May I loaded my fly rods, cameras and camping gear and headed for new and unknown (to me) waters and trout in the great Southwest. The rest of the story and a few photos from the trip can be found by clicking the above Southwest photo link.

December 15, 2005

Fleeting Impressions, Abstracts

A new page featuring somewhat more abstract closeups from my Fleeting Impression series, but which, for me, may offer the best example of the ephemeral "eye-candy" rewards of close encounters with wild trout!

September 22, 2005

Photography Updates

A few new images have been added on the Photos (Rainbow, Brook, Cutthroat, Salmon), Brown Trout, and Fleeting Impressions pages.

August 17, 2005

New “Fleeting Impressions”

New "through the surface" photos from some of my favorite high Sierra locations have inspired me to add a new page to the website. The spectacular color and quality of both the water and the trout provide some of my favorite, often intriguingly abstract, but dazzling and truly fleeting glimpses into that kinetic and captivating realm of ever-dancing light, color, and movement.



August 4, 2005

Here are a few photos from a recent week spent exploring some of the waters of Northern California and eastern Oregon. My thanks to Bruce Doern for his hospitality, generosity and guidance in introducing me to the exquisite rainbows in his "backyard"!!!


April 20, 2005

Spring 2005 on the Owens

A few new photos from the Owens River area near Bishop. These are non-fish photos from the trip. A few new photos of browns in the river can be found on the existing Owens Brown Trout page.

October 3, 2004

Here is a page of photos from the Eastern Sierras, one of my favorite places to visit in the fall. The colors of the season are amazing, and the fish of the region are equally impressive.


July 19, 2004

I've finally been able to shoot some new photos of golden trout in crystal clear water without the glacial flour that clouded my earlier golden photos. Thus I felt they deserved a page of their own to feature the incomparable color and beauty of our most dazzling of trout species!

New photos posted July19, 2004


July, 2004


It happened in June, 2004, and it’s surely the most unbelievable experience I’ve had in my many years of trout fishing – so much so, that I thought it worth writing down and posting here. I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has encountered anything like it.

Photos from the Lower Stan

Early in spring 2004 I had the opportunity and extreme pleasure of floating the Lower Stanislaus with Marv Mitchum of Mother Lode Fly Shop in Sonora and one of his other fishing guides, Doug. It was a gorgeous day in every respect, as the photos indicate.

Mother Lode Fly Shop on the Stan

April 6, 2004

WHAT?!... BASS photos?

I’ve been asked a number of times if I’ve considered doing any photos of bass. They DO, after all, hold the title of North America’s most sought after game fish, (or so it is written). The truth is that I do harbor a special fondness for those gnarly little aquatic wolverines and I’ve been hankering for a chance to photograph them for a while now. However access to good bass water, for me, has been entirely dependent on the kindness of my boat-owning, bass-fishin’ friends. Well, thanks to my friend, Walt, who has a really cool bass boat and enough bass lore to put it to good use, I’ve finally crossed the species barrier to get my first photos of largemouth bass. I’m fairly pleased with the results, simple “fish-portraits” as they are, and I hope to do more. Thanks, Walt!

Walt with a brookie from a lake I won't name!

March 21, 2004

Brown Trout of the Lower Owens River

It was one great weekend during spring 2004 in the Bishop area on the east side of the Sierras. The weather and scenery were spectacular, as are the brown trout in the Owens River. They must be among the prettiest and most colorful of any browns anywhere, some with red spots that almost look “neon”! The water was murkier than it looked, as evidenced by the high quantity of suspended particles in the photos, which scatter light and make photography underwater difficult. I’ve posted a page with a few of the best of the photos that I made with those pretty Owens brown trout as subjects!


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